At the 6th of May 2018 Nippon Inu organizes her annualy Championship Show.


Showground address
KC de Kempen, Kervel 3, 5667 KN Geldrop

Mrs. E. Häkkinen (FI): Akita, American Akita, Kishu, Shikoku
Mr. D. Scheider (DE): Shiba

Start of the jugding is 10.00 hr.
It is an Outdoor Show, so keep the weather circumstances in mind.
There will be a tent to protect you if necessary for rain or sun. There is no benching.

> ENTRY (entry closes on april 14th 2018)

For the Best of Breed There will be the title "NIPPON INU CLUBWINNER 2018".

-A lot of the famous Nippon Inu rosettes and trophees
-Every dog will get a jugde critique

Ring of honour
Judging of best minor puppy, best puppy, best veteran, best brace and best breeding group in show and at the end the BEST IN SHOW 2018 judging .

Entry fee
For Members:

Minor puppy and Puppy class: € 20,00
All other classes € 32,50 for the first dog, € 30,00 for all next dogs
Brace and Breeding group: € 2,50

Non members
Minor puppy and Puppy class: € 22,50
All other classes € 35,00 for the first dog, € 32,50 for all next dogs
Brace and Breeding group: € 5,00

Questions? Please contact Irma Jansen
Phonenumber 0031-( 0) 85-7732101

Dit event is pronsored by IPN Nutrition