At the 27th of May 2017 Nippon Inu organizes her 6th Championship Show with (double) CAC and will celebrate her 5th anniversary.


KC Uden, Zeelandsedijk 18 , 5408 SM Volkel

Mrs. O’Neil Clark (UK): Akita, American Akita
Mr. M. Shutt (Uk ): Shiba
Mrs. E. Upmeijer: Kishu, Shikoku

Start of the jugding is 10.00hr.
It is an Outdoor Show, so keep the weather circumstances in mind.
There will be a tent to protect you if necessary for rain or sun. There is no benching.


members: free - non members: € 10,00 - children: € 5,00

3 CACs in a weekend
At the International Dogshow in Oss, group 5 will be jugded at Friday the 26th of May. It gives you the oppertunity to get 3 CAC ’s in a weekend.
The show in Oss is located just 25 kilometers from our Showground.
Entryform and jugdelist fort he IDS Oss. 

(Double) CC
At the Championship show the Best Female and best Male will become a CAC (if rated excellent).
When there are 20 entries is a breed (except minor puppies an puppies), and 16 are present, there will be a double CAC!
For the best Junior Female and best junior Male there will be a junior point for Dutch Junior Champion ( You need three Junior points ) ,and even so for the best veteran male and veteran female for Dutch Veteran Champion (also 3 needed). The junior and veteranclass can also compete for the CAC.

For the Best of Breed There will be the title "NIPPON INU CLUBWINNER 2017".

Because Nippon Inu is celebrating her 5th anniversary the board and activity committee have organized a lot of interesting activities.
At lunch there will be a BBQ, free for members of the club. When you are not a member the price is € 10.00.
For every exhibitor there will be a free Kanji signs at rice paper, you can choose you own tekst by Mw. Naoiki Kuribara.
And much more!

-A lot of the famous Nippon Inu rosettes and trophees
-Every dog will become a jugde critique
-All CC winners will get a picture by Johnnie Heesakkers Fotografie made in his studio for free.

Ring of honour
Best minor puppy, best puppy, best veteran, best brace and best breeding group in show and at the end the BEST IN SHOW 2017 judging .

Entry fee
For Members:

Minor puppy and Puppy class: € 15,00
All other classes € 30,00 for the first dog, € 27,50 for the second and third dog.
Brace and Breeding group: free

Non members
Minor puppy and Puppy class: € 17,50
All other classes € 32,50 for the first dog, € 30,00 for the second and third dog.
Brace and Breeding group: free

Entering with more than 3 dogs
4th, 5th etc. dog: € 15,00 euro for members, € 17,50 for non members

Were you can stay overnight
Hotel de Naaldhof Oss
City hotel Oss
- De Brabantse Hoeve
Van der Valk Nuland
Het Tramstation
De Pier recreatie campingsite/cottages
Camping Slabroek campingsite/cottages

Questions? Please contact Irma Jansen
Phonenumber 0031-( 0) 85-7732101

Dit event is pronsored by IPN Nutrition